Self-managed superannuation fund known as SMSF, they have important responsibilities to perform. Their role syndicates to make sure the funds fulfil with the legislation governing superfunds and inspect the accurateness of an individual fund accounting histories. They not only support individual clients in managing their retirement savings but also supports the health of wide-ranging SMSF sector. This shows that why it is so important for SMSF auditors to be highly qualified and much have experience for their role that they have to perform.

Registered audit company’s offer SMSF audit services to accountants, administrators and financial planners which is obligatory by law to have their superannuation fund audited by self-governing permitted auditor. Super audit have team of professionals and experienced SMSF auditor. We personalized our services to specify in superannuation audits. As there are many auditing companies in the market, but we are not a profit sporting organization. We are offering our services in affordable price and identify the requirements of financial planners, accountants and administrators.

SMSF auditing services to accountants:

We provide variety of auditing services for financial planners, accountants, administrators and register companies. We are one of Australia’s top SMSF auditors who provide professional and affordable services. We are passionate about the services that we are providing.

SMSF auditors for administrator:

We complete our work on time and offer quality services for administrators. We have a reputation of completing work on time or 5 working days. We accept all electronic documentation which is required for audit evidence and it will contribute clients during the audit preparation process. We also provide free technical support in accordance to SIS act agreement requirements. After quoted from our team members we will respond you in less than 24 hours and will advise you about the cost. Audits which are simple, we have a fixed price for them that is only $300. To ensure customer satisfaction, we promised you that we will bear the additional costs, if the total cost is more than what was quoted by our team.

SMSF auditors for financial planners:

According to Australian law trusted financial planner are required to audit the SMSF funds of your clients on mealy basis. According to ATO these audits must be done by an approved, independent and registered auditor.

Our expert team based on dedicated professionals will give ideas that suits your needs and budget. We understand your needs and will provide our services according to your expectations. We have a team of dedicated professionals who are cooperative, friendly yet capable of fulfilling your demand and maintaining relationship with the clients. People might face budget constraints but we have the best economical solution for them.